Focus Nail Course



Focus Nail Course
If you are passionate about health and beauty, have a knack for making your nails look great, and would like to take your talents to a whole new level, consider a career in nail technology. Here to explore our Focus Nail Course at Elegant Beauty College, the course includes 3 stages (information below) and we promise to provide professional training and practices.
• Timetable flexible (3 days/ week) from 10 am to 4 pm
• The course is designed to prepare our students with practical skills and knowledge which to get ready to work and helps them to be confident while providing services.

*Each level practice on 30 models*

Level 1: Provide Pedicure and Manicure

One of the most important part of a complete hair and beauty package is the manicure and pedicure. Beautiful-looking hands and feet really complete someone’s look and make the customer feel great!
The course aims to teach students manicure and pedicure treatments and techniques required for day spa salons, services and advice to clients requiring hand, foot and nail care. Safe working practices and hygiene and workplace requirements for salon and store environments.
• The structure of the nail
• Proper sanitation procedures
• Hand and foot massage techniques
• Guide to perfectly painted nails using nail lacquer and gel nail polish
• And much more!
Level 2: Apply SNS Nail

Our world is changing… Clients today want nails that are beautiful and healthy. That’s why SNS Dipping Powders are sweeping the industry. Today, dipping powder skills can be your most profitable assets.
You will be given dozens of practical tips and tricks that only come from highly experienced practitioners. What you will learn in this subject:
• Training in SNS Application
• Client Consultation
• Nail Preparation
• SNS Product Knowledge
• Safety Precautions
• Nail Shaping and Tip Application
• Pre & Post Care
• Health and Safety
• Nail Preparation
• Overlay using SNS Application
• French nail SNS Application

Level 3: Apply Acrylic Nail

Our Acrylic Nail Course teaches you how to safely and professionally apply acrylic nails from start to finish. If you are considering doing Acrylic Nail professionally then this is the perfect introductory course for you. What you will learn on this subject:
• Set up work station
• Nail Prep
• Apply acrylic overlay
• Apply acrylic with fake nail tips
• Shaping and refining
• Apply polish
• Aftercare advise
• Clean work station according to WH&S

On completion of this Focus Nail Course, you will have the basic knowledge and skills required to apply nail enhancements in your work and prepping your confidence after you graduating the course. Further to that, there are various benefits from completion at Elegant Beauty College, which focus on enhancing your practical skills and techniques, along that we also provide you with course theories to better understand the subject.


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