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Course Fees and other Charges

At the Elegant Beauty Nail & Hair College [RTO No. 91726] we are committed to further the development of your career opportunities, lifelong learning skills and academic achievements within a student-centered, diverse and culturally inclusive environment.

Therefore, it is important that you read the information contained in this student booklet, before you enrol, to ensure you are fully informed of your course options and are aware of our policies, procedures and the services we provide.

Studying with Elegant Beauty Nail & Hair College provides you with a variety of choices from the nationally recognised courses we are registered to deliver. Log onto www.training.gov.au to see the full range of courses Elegant Beauty Nail & Hair College can deliver for you.

Our offer

Prompt and courteous attention
Dedicated and specialised training facilities
Staff experience and lifetime involvement in the beauty field
Help with seeking employment through affiliated business
You get the convenience of training at one location with all course materials,
There are no hidden fees or additional
Elegant Nail and Beauty is a fully equipped Nail and Beauty training centre with all the facilities required to make your learning easy and enjoyable, including: convenient front door public transport.


National qualification as an outcome of learning program
Competencies gained are industry endorsed
Provide recognition of prior learning
Enhanced career paths
Improved Employment opportunities

Our Courses

SHB30315 Certificate III in Nail Technology
SHB50115 Diploma of Beauty Therapy 

Applying for a course

Elegant Hair and Beauty College is committed to ensuring that access to its courses is fair, efficient and effective.

If students are under the age of 18 they must obtain the signature of their parent(s) or legal guardian on the enrolment form.Language and literacy levels for all coursesare expected to be equivalent to the level of the national reporting system for each level the student enrolls in.

Successful completion of a certificate level course generally allows entry to the next higher level or work within the industry.

Certificate III in Nail Technology has been designed as a standard entry level qualification for the Beauty Industry. It applies to those wishing to develop the skills and knowledge to begin a career in the nail technology stream of the Beauty Industry. It provides the skills to become a Nail Technician.

Certificate III has also been designed to develop the skills and knowledge of those wishing to establish their own nail technology business as an owner-operator. It provides the skills to become a Nail Salon Manager and/or Owner.

The Diploma of Beauty Therapy has been designed for those wishing to operate as a beauty therapist employing staff and managing a beauty salon. It provides for specialization in a range of services, including body treatment, remedial camouflage make up, spa treatments, massage and cosmetic tattooing/micro pigmentation.

Course Fees and other Charges

Below is an explanation of fees and charges you will need to pay for your studies.

Application/Administration fee: $200.00

Student Cancellation Fee

Before course commences: $100.00 (deducted from your Application fee)

Commencement Fee: $1,500.00

Course Fees:

Individual course pages contain the tuition fee information for your course. Remember that course fees can change and you should refer to your letter of enrolment for the fees amount payable.

Qualification Code Fees
Certificate III in Nail Technology SHB30115 $6,500.00 *exclude GST* which includes:
Protective Equipment: $200.00 Printed Material and class handouts: $300.00
Diploma of Beauty Therapy SHB50115 $14,500.00 *exclude GST* which includes:
Protective Equipment:$200.00 Printed material and class handouts: $300.00
RPL for all Courses $60.00 per hour *exclude GST*

Other fees and charges that may be incurred:

Qualification Free Type Fees
Deferral or suspension of course Application Fee $250.00
Withdrawal from course fee Application fee $200.00
Re-sit an assessment (3rd attempt) Application fee $100.00
Credit Card payment surcharge Admin Fee 1.99% of payment amount
Document request fee (5 day turnaround) Admin Fee $15.00
Express Document request fee (24 hour turnaround) Admin Fee $25.00
Re-issuance of result notification Admin Fee $25.00
Re-issuance of Statement of Attainment /or Test Amur of Qualification Admin Fee $150.00

Fee Payment Plan

No more than $1,500.00 will be collected up front before the student commences their course.Each month a student will be invoiced no more than $1,000.00 until the course fees are paid in full. If a student does not pay their invoice within 10 working days the student will be suspended from course until the fee is paid.


Students receive a copy of their academic results free of charge at the end of their course/study period. Students may submit an application to obtain a record of their full academic history at any time. A transcript will be issued on payment of a charge.

Replacement Test Amur

There is no charge for Issuance of a Test Amur or Statement of Attainment on course completion. However, there is a charge for the issuance of a replacement Elegant Beauty Nail and Hair College Test Amur and for award certificates.


To enrol, simply complete the enrolment form and return with $200.00Administration Fee to shop 10-9/11 Hughes St, Cabramatta NSW 2166 to secure your place on the course. Course fee balance is due at course commencement. Students will be required to have an interview with the RTO manager before enrolment to ensure they have their level of English required to complete the course.

Course cancellation by Elegant Hair and Beauty:

In the event a course cancellation is made by Elegant Hair and Beauty due to unforeseen circumstances from our part, participants will receive a full refund of fees paid or the monies paid will be transferred to the next available course that you can attend no later than 3 months after your initial enrolment date. In the event that a class cancellation occurs during a course, the refund will be evaluated ata daily rate.

Refunds and Cancellations:

This policy applies to students who are already enrolled in the course or to a personresponsible for student fees and charges.

Any student who is asked to leave the course by the lecturer due to reasons such asbut not limited to bullying, racism, sexual harassment, or any other serious disruptionof the class will not be entitled to a refund.

Student Cancellation

On pre-enrolment an Administration fee of $200.00 is required to process yourapplication to commence the course.

If a student no longer wishes to commence training at Elegant Hair and Beauty a $100.00 cancellationfee will apply. This will be deducted from the $200.00 pre-enrolment administrationfee that has already been paid.The student commences the course once the full amount of the course has beenpaid. The student is then given their course pre-reading material and assessmentsto familiarise themselves with before the face to face component of the training course commences.

If a student withdraws from the course before the face to face component of the trainingcommences all pre-reading material and assessment material must be returned toElegant Hair and Beauty in the condition that it was given to them. If this cannot be achieved 50% ofthe full course fee will be refunded to the student. If the material is returned in goodcondition as deemed by the Director of Elegant Hair and Beauty a full refund will be given minus the$100.00 cancellation fee.

If a student withdraws from the course once they have commenced the face to face trainingcomponent of the course no refund will be given to the student. An account credit of the amount the student originally paid willbe given to the student if they wish. This account credit must be used within 3months of the date of their initial enrolment for face to face training.

Note: If any student fails to attend a course and has given no notice at all to
Elegant Hair and Beauty they will not receive any refund of monies paid

Medical or Hardship withdrawals

A student may request withdrawal from the course in writing on the grounds of anunforeseen Medical condition or Hardship. The student will receive a total or partialrefund of fees subject to the provision of acceptable documentary evidence insupport of the application of a refund.

Exceptional circumstances may include;

  • Serious illness
  • Death or disability of the student or family members
  • Absence due to illness of a child or family member cared for by the student
  • Where the Director has determined that exceptional circumstances exist

Payment of Refunds:

Payment of refunds will be made as follows:

  • Where Elegant Hair and Beauty is unable to provide the course payment will be made to students 14 days after the date of cancellation.
  • Where students have completed an Elegant Hair and Beauty Withdrawal/Cancellation form 14 days after receipt of that completed form.

Refund Appeal Process:

A student may appeal in writing to Elegant Hair and Beauty within 14 days if they have been rejected by Elegant Hair and Beauty for a refund. The basis for a refund will align directly to the Refund Policy. If a student is still not happy with the result they may contact the Office of the Training Advocate.

Study modes

Elegant Hair and Beauty College offers a range of study modes in class, on the job, off the job or a combination of these, to provide you with flexibility in undertaking training.

These modes of delivery may include:

  • Face to face classes
  • Workplace training and assessment
  • All our training has customised training plans

Installment payment plans are available,
Contact us for more details

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