If you are planning to enroll for any specialized beauty course in Australia then Elegant Beauty College should be your destination. Yes! elegant beauty college is a nationally-recognized registered Vocational Education College that offers various beauty courses ranging from Certificate courses to short courses. Let us have a look at the various beauty courses offered by Hair and Beauty Academy in Sydney.

Different Courses offered by Elegant Hair and Beauty College Following are the various beauty courses offered by the Elegant Beauty College

Certificate 3 Nail Technology- 

Elegant Beauty provides one of the nail technology courses in Sydney. Certificate III in Nail Technology by the college has been designed as an entry-level qualification for the beauty industry. The course is designed in a way to make applicants professional nail technicians. The course will cover all the basic to professional points required to be a master in the field.

Diploma in Beauty Therapy- 

A diploma in Beauty Therapy is the highest qualification in the beauty field. This course enables the applicant to work in beauty salons/clinics and specialize in various services like remedial camouflage makeup, body treatment, cosmetic tattooing/micro- pigmentation, spa treatments, massage, etc.

Short Courses-

Elegant Beauty offers various short courses like the facial course, nail technology, eyelash extension, cosmetic tattoo, infection control, makeup, etc. Let us have a look at the short courses-

Facial Course-

The College offers facial courses for facial treatment and skincare and one specializing in micro-needling & electric current devices. The duration of the course is 25 days and the fee is $3500.

Nail Technology course-

Elegant Beauty is one of the best nail training colleges in Sydney with a certificate course as well as a short course on nail technology. The duration of the course is 30 days and the fee is $2500.

Infection Control course- 

An infection control course of 1 day Short Course with a fee of $500.

Waxing course- 

A waxing course of 7 days with a fee of $1,100. Eyelash Extension course- Lash extension course of 15 days. The fee for the course is $2500.

Makeup Course- 

Elegant Beauty provides a makeup course on maintaining infection control standards. The duration of the course is 10 days and the fee is $2500. The time period of these short courses can vary.

If you want to register for any of these courses, candidates have to simply complete an enrolment form and submit it at the office with an Administration Fee of $200. So, what are you waiting for? Be a part of the best Hair and Beauty Academy in Sydney. For more details, visit elegantbeautycollege.com.au.

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