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Elegant Beauty & Nail Collegeis experienced in providing inbeauty training and nationallyrecognised for over 10 years.We offer over 42 nationallyrecognised courses fromcosmetic tattooing, eyelashextension, skincare treatments,nails, massage and over allbeauty needs.We believe in highquality over quantity trainingto help students take the rightstep in the beauty industry.

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Our RTO Registered Courses

Facial $3500 25 Days

Course No: SHBBFAS02
Provide facial treatment and skin care

Course No: SHBBFAS003
Facial treatment specialising in micro
needling & electric current devices

Nail Technology $1100 14 Day

Course No: SHBBNLS001
Provide manicure and pedicure services

Course No: SHBBNLS003
Apply acrylic nail enhancements

We have many more course available.

Infection Control $500 1 Day

Course No: SHBBINF001
Maintain infection control standards

Makeup $2500 10 Day
Course No: SHBBMUP002
Maintain infection control standards

Waxing Fees $1,100 7 Days

Course No: SHBBSKS005
Provide waxing services

Lash Extensions $2,500 15 Days

Course No: SHBBMUP001
Apply Eyelash Extensions

Body Massage $2,500 10 Days

Course No: SHBBBOS002
Provide body massages

Get the Ultimate Training and Qualification by Licensed Professional Trainer

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